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SCANFC for Corporations

Create a compelling and practical marketing tool with Corporate SCANFC. There is a variety of options to meet your needs:


A Corporate SCANFC imprinted with your company logo and a tailored design can be used as a premium, gift, membership card, marketing tool, personal automation tools, or access control device while also reinforcing your corporate identity and increasing the collectible value.

Minimum order quantity: 500 pcs

Interested in producing a Corporate SCANFC?

How It Works


Get Paid

Fill out a short application to let us know more about you

The SCANFC Ambassador program allows you to sell SCANFC to your network at a 15% discount, AND get paid 15% of those sales by using the given SCANFC code.


SCANFC Resellers Program

Sell the modern fashion tech products with us 

Contact us for more pricing and packing information

SCANFC Co-Design Program

At SCANFC, we work with everyone who loves art , design, music, illustration around the world to bring their signature idea to life on your daily tech. Every design you see is submitted by a network of creatives, so that each purchase goes back to supporting self-expression and creativity.

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