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SCANFC x ORBIS Darkness to Go 2023
Engineered Mobile Strap Special Edition

Design Philosophy

The designed “Colors of Darkness – EYEs Edition” for Orbis’s Darkness To Go charity sales campaign. Hong Kong illustrator MONSIEUR® uses the “EYEs” inspiration for phone tag tether and NFC Patech. A Black color mobile wrist strap and Blackpink mobile strap with reflective details make it more fashionable and functional. 

orbis DTO 23 mobile strap_工作區域 1 複本 4.jpg
orbis DTO 23 mobile strap 6.jpg
orbis DTO 23 mobile strap7.jpg
orbis DTO 23 mobile strap1.jpg
orbis DTO 23 mobile strap4.jpg

Upon purchase of the selected SCANFC “Colors of Darkness - EYEs ” Engineered Mobile Strap edition, SCANFC will donate 10% of the sales to ORBIS. Please join the Orbis’s Darkness To Go Charity Sale campaign and support the people in need.

*Available while stocks last. Photo for reference only.
K&D Holdings Ltd. reserves the rights for final decision.

phone tag illustration2.jpg
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