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Engineered Mobile Strap
SCANFC Pink Revolution Edition

Design Philosophy

SCANFC® is a Hong Kong fashion tech brand. NFC Engineered Mobile Strap comes with a utility patent detachable Patech ( NFC patch ), a hands-free phone tag tether, etc. The designed “LOVE & HOPE Edition” for “Cancer Fund’s Pink Revolution” charity sales campaign. SCANFC® uses the theme LOVE and HOPE as an inspiration for designing phone tag tether and NFC Patech. A signature pink color mobile strap with reflective details makes it more fashionable and functional. The design implies and encourage women for early warning signs of breast cancer. Early detection means less physical and emotional trauma and, most importantly, the best chance of survival with LOVE and HOPE

Upon purchase of the selected SCANFC® “LOVE & HOPE Edition” Engineered Mobile Strap, SCANFC® will donate HK100 of the sales to “Cancer Fund’s Pink Revolution” to support their free breast cancer service. Please join and support this meaningful charity sales campaign and support the people in need.


* Photo for reference only. K&D Holdings Ltd. reserves the rights to the final decision.



NFC automation
signature reflective mobile strap

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Just SCAN it
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