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SCANFC multifunctional adjustable strap

with rotatable buckle

Nylon Strap width : 25mm


Can be Adjustable from 100-140cm

Quick release Magnetic buckle for easy fastening

Extra utility - There are additional loop and buckle to hang the keys, AirPods or keychain

Crossbody or lanyard for outdoor activities

Each set included one “Game over “phone tag and

one hook and loop NFC patech (patented)

Each patech with NFC technology

Activate our products: *Work with Shortcuts App” (iPhone XS or newer) *Work with NFC Writing App” (Android NFC enabled phone)

Currency in USD

SCANFC multifunctional adjustable strap (Beige)

  • Currency is in USD

    Order will be shipped out within 5-7 business days.

    For Hong Kong local order, please direct message via instagram for more payment options.

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