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SCANFC build-in camera ring stand phone case with MagSafe wallet

Phone case MagSafe Compatible

Camera ring adjustable different angles

Hands free for video watching

Case color changes with movement

Card holder size:9.4cm x 6.4cm

Slim design

One card slot

Holds 1-2 cards for your daily needs, actual capacity depends on card thickness

Easy Attached & Detached with iPhone case with MagSafe function.

Phone case: Compatible iPhone model: iPhone 14 / 14 Pro Max/ 14Pro/15/15Pro/15 Pro Max

Currency in USD

SCANFC lens ring stand phone case with MagSafe card holder (White)

  • Currency is in USD

    Order will be shipped out within 7-10 business days.

    For Hong Kong local order, please direct message via instagram for more payment options.

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